Sunday, September 25, 2011


Here it is! I actually finished these last night but had a hard time finding some time to take pictures and make a blog post all day today.. Busy busy :) I had bought these frames for my daughters room from Ikea before she was born knowing they would work perfectly with the idea I had in mind for the style of her nursery. I had actually picked out some art prints to go in these I had found on Etsy, but when I went into a scrapbook store around here I saw this paper and thought this would be perfect for her room and figured I should be able to try to make something suitable to be displayed in her room out of it. I am glad that I did because I am so happy with how they turned out! Not very often do I have an idea in my mind of a project and have it turn out better than expected.. hahaha.. Anyways I love it and am thrilled to finally have something up on her bare walls :)


Although I don't remember for the life of me what this paper is called as I threw out the selvage before writing that down.. Oops.. Either way these three pictures were made using only a couple pieces of paper.. I had purchased three sheets but ended up using the third to basically punch and make some flowers. I also used a couple different stamp sets one of which was one of the "My Mind's Eye" brand stamp set.. LOVE this stamp set.. I am completely impressed with the detail and quality of these stamps! Clear stamps I tend to avoid if they are highly detailed as I find they smush and are harder to ink. These are fantastic and I will definitely be buying more sets from them in the future. Great price point too ;)


Once again I used the Tim Holtz "Pumice Stone" Distress Ink" for around the edging.. Really LOVE this color.. Its great! I had used some of the "Milled Lavender" around the pink piece but wasn't digging the look of it so I went over it with the PS.. I'm not exactly sure what I will end up using the ML color on.. I had originally purchased it for this.. Not digging it so much right now.


Well that's it! Had a fun time working on these I am actually considering making some up for the living room now too ;) Great project that I suggest you all try if your needing something somewhere on a bare wall in your house!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Getting there..

I just wanted to share that I am working on a little project.. I would say its probably about 40% done but I thought I would post a sneak peek of what Ive been working on :)

What doesn't everyone take photos of their project's on their couch??

Also! I created these little flowers with a punch I just recently got. The punch was a great price and it was pink so I really couldn't not get it right? Anyways, the thing is practically impossible to get through this card stock O.o so now I'm even happier that I only paid half price for it. I think the flowers turned out pretty cute :) I spritzed them with a bit of water to soften the paper to make it easier to manhandle how I wanted and popped them all on a tiny brad and voila!

Not to shabby for practically free flowers ;)

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Only the beginning..

First blog post! I am starting up this blog to share the little projects I do when I get the time to myself and actually feel like making or doing something productive. Those times are typically when my two littleuns are sleeping. My first littleun is almost 4yrs old and my second little is just over 2 months. So it is pretty safe to say it is pretty busy around here these days. None the less I have all these great ideas and finding time is the key.

One of these ideas I got to work on today was for my son. I had been loving all the pennants I have been seeing all over the place in craft land lately. I got the great idea to make one up for him to put on his bedroom door. I used my slice for all of the cutting and added a little distressing and it was good to go!

Here are the pieces cut out of the card stock which I used my slice to do..

Here is a shot of one of the triangles fully distressed..

All the pieces are now distressed! I used Tim Holts "Distress Ink" in "Pumice Stone".. Love this color! Applied it to the edges of all the pieces with a large sponge dabber.

I punched holes and then wrapped a piece of tape around my twine so I could thread it through the punches easier.. Then threaded it over and under so as not to take away from the design of the paper.

Here is a close up of the threaded twine..

Lastly a picture of it up on his door..

He was pretty excited when he woke up from his nap and saw it on his door which makes me smile every time I walk past it in the hallway. I had wanted it to look like I used nails to attach it to the door but didn't want to put physical holes in the door though.. So I came up with this idea to use a couple gold large brads and wrap the twine around them and then attach with adhesive dots to the door. I must have looked realistic since when my husband came upstairs from our basement made the comment of "You nailed it in with tacks"? *snicker* :)

Well that is all I have for now.. Thanks for reading!